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Our works

What we do?

Bees Innovation of things helps people, companies and governments to innovate for a hyperconnected world. We are a team of consultants in digital transformation management who advise our clients on technology, innovation, business and strategy solutions.

We work as a team with you through our rapid innovation processes to create solutions and services. We use new technological trends for digital transformation to create sustainable values. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to deliver the innovations that are important to you and your customers. Consequently.

Faster. Smarter. With greater security.

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

Our works

We use Design Thinking methodologies to arrive at the right problems and their main causes. We use our principle of Innovation of Things that focuses on innovating the right solutions to solve the problems our customers need.


Bees offers an integrated set of services for people, SMEs, companies and governments in innovation of the vertical Smart Cities, Smart Communities, Smart Industry and Smart Agro. The services we offer are comprehensive or individual according to the needs of each client.


Strategy. Planning. Accelerated innovation.


Market analysis. Industry trend. Better practices.


Go to market. Change management. Project management.

Innovation Laboratory

Development of cases. Proof of concept. Rapid prototyping


Installation. Start up. Tracing. Audit.

Data Analytic

Big data. Machine Learning.

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Our Team

With extensive experience in engineering, operations management, strategies, planning, quality and ICT technologies. We use a systemic approach to constantly deliver results that matter to customers.

Mariano Brizuela


Eduardo Wiñazky